cyber waifu  2003 °˖✧◝

The flowers, from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland.


What can I get for you?

4 bottles of vodka and 2 packs of Marlboro reds
You look fine as fuck, so does he. Parent support check. Visiting check. Yup, you're going to live a good life ;)


I'm so happy for you AWHHH yes

Yaaaaay me too thank you!!!

So Wes asked me out a week ago and we Skype every day, all night, and we’ve slept together on Skype every night for over a month. Our parents support us and well he is coming to meet me soon and I’m really nervous but super excited. Long distance sucks but damn it’s worth it 💕☺️


by Viaje con JAPOPLAN

i had an art-ish hangout with this dummy some time ago and we did some collabing for this piece which is gonna be in this zine called baker’s dozen avail at canzine!!! so yah!! IM DRAWING ALOT AGAIN!!! hup hup ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ muscle enhancement